The Blob computing project

Project leader : Frédéric Gruau.

I have been working on the project since 1996 :, Maître de Conférence. LRI, Orsay University Paris South . email : gruau at, I normally collaborate with another person which change over time, the list follows:
Luidnel Maignan   PHD Student. Inria Saclay, contributed many papers!
Yves Lhuillier   During his phd, developed a micro-architecture model inspired by blob computing called "CAPSULE", now researcher at the CEA
Christine Eisenbeiss   Researcher at INRIA, participate in long discussions.
Olivier Temam   Researcher at INRIA, interested in directly making micro architecture based on blob, found me a job!
Philippe Reitz   Maître de Conférence. LIRMM, Montpellier University Montpellier, co-authored the first research report on blob computing
Philippe Malbos   Worked on establishing the basic blob rule, during his math phd at University Montpellier II, now assistant professor
John Tromp   Researcher at CWI, true computer nerd, helped me write a concise math proof about timing of a CA rule.